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About Us is a full stack marketing agency that uses cutting edge strategies to create more awareness around your brand. Trendjacking is the social art of using a hot topic (a trend) to capitalize on and build a brand, either personal or professionally as a relevant resource. Essentially, you are jacking a #trend. But we don’t stop there. Marketing is a cohesive blend of push and pull strategies. We incorporate everything from SEO to Social, email marketing, graphic design, and everything in between. This allows Trendjacking to be your partner as a marketing agency and the one-stop shop for all of your branding needs.

Leadership Team

Krystal Johnson, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

krystalKrystal Johnson co-founded TrendJacking, with the intent of bringing an inimitable approach to aggressive marketing management thru various print and technology-based outlets. She has built brand recognition, created client to consumer based marketing models, and achieved revenue goals across a diverse industry background. Each business has their own world with specific attributes, and Krystal is exceptional at tailor fitting the strategic plan based upon what the business dictates.

As a detail-oriented, results-driven executive, Krystal builds long-term relationships by providing each client with hands-on work, fighting for their company. Krystal prides herself on making sure each plan is different, but all of them encompassing this technology-based era to achieve the goal of bridging the gap between our client and their target audience. When Krystal is not coaching her daughter’s cheerleading team or spending time with friends and family, she is busy watching to see what the next trend is that she can jack!

Kacee Johnson, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

marketing-agencyAs a veteran marketer, Kacee has helped countless businesses redefine their go-to market strategies and build better brands. She came up with the idea of after seeing in action the results of jacking trends for her accounting and technology clients at Blue Ocean Principles, a strategic business management firm for the accounting space. Realizing that organizations of any industry can capitalize on trends through ethical practices and education, she sought out to create a marketing agency that could deliver hands-on branding services to clients globally. Kacee earned a double Bachelor of Arts from the University of Arizona and then continued on to complete her Master’s of Business Administration (MBA). She resides just North of San Diego and spends her free time hiking or at the beach.


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